• 20+ Years Experience
    in Customizing Sportswear

    Our customers trust in our ability
    to consistently deliver premium quality
    sportswear uniforms.

    What Champions Wear™. Since 1994.

    Top Team Sportswear
  • Full Customization

    Top Team Sportswear can customize any design
    using our in-house graphics designing,
    screen printing, heat pressing, and
    dye sublimation printing.

    Top Team Sportswear
  • Top Team Sportswear

    Superior Quality.
    Premium Materials.
    Extensive Sportswear Customization Experience.

    Top Team Sportswear

Company Overview

Founded in 1994, Top Team Sportswear is a leading sportswear manufacturer based in Cebu City, Philippines and specializes in customized team sportswear uniforms.

Top Team Sportswear -- What Champions Wear™! Since 1994.

Products & Services

Top Team Sportswear manufactures quality sports uniforms using silkscreen and dye sublimation printing methods and specializes in custom-made team uniforms, jerseys, shorts, warmers, jackets, jogging pants, t-shirts, polo shirts and accessories for the following fields:
- Basketball
- Volleyball
- Soccer
- US Football
- Ice Hockey
- Cycling

Quality Commitment

Using only premium raw materials, and modern sewing and printing machinery, Top Team Sportswear has earned a reputation for its high quality work.

Global Market Reach

Top Team Sportswear serves customers from Australia, US, Canada, Singapore, Taiwan, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Japan; and Malaysia; Top Team Sportswear aims to continually grow and expand its customer base.

Top Team Sportswear welcomes clients who wish to outsource the manufacturing side of their sportswear business to us.