1.E-mail Design

E-mail your uniform design to us.

2.Receive Quote

Receive our quote for your uniform design.

3.Send Team Info & Deposit

Send your team info and deposit.

4.Pay Full & Receive Order

Once your uniforms are done, pay in full upon pickup / before shipment.

  •   1.E-mail Design
  •   2.Receive Quote
  •   3.Send Team Info & Deposit
  •   4.Pay Full & Receive Order

1 - E-mail Design

E-mail your uniform design to info@topteamsportswear.com.

We can customize any design; whether it is hand drawn by you or taken from the internet.

2 - Receive Quote

We will email our price quotation based on your uniform design.
Price depends on the design simplicity or complexity and order quantity.
We give special rates for volume orders.

We will also send the estimated number of days to complete your order (excluding shipping time as this varies depending on your location).

3 - Send Team Info & Deposit

To proceed with your order, e-mail us your team name, numbers and sizes using our Team Information Sheet (which we will send to upon order confirmation).
We will also require 50% deposit through cash payment at our office or via Western Union, MoneyGram, PayPal, Bank Transfer, ML Kwarta Padala, or any other remittance center.

Order processing starts a day after confirmation of payment.
Upon order completion, we'll have it weighed at FedEx/DHL (or your preferred courier) and email you the shipping cost (we don't markup on the shipping cost and will include the courier's receipt with your uniforms).

4 - Pay Full & Receive Order

For local orders, you can pay the balance at our office upon pick-up.

For international orders, your order will be shipped after payment of balance and shipping cost. Orders will be shipped immediately after receipt of payment.